Beautiful Bedrooms, Kitchens, Media Libraries and Bathroom Cabinets designs and quality service. At MFI we work with you to create the best fitted wardrobes, with storage solutions tailored to your exact needs. By combining your great ideas with our considerable expertise, together we’ll create your dream space! Our designers will work closely with you, listening, advising, planning and designing to help transform your blank canvas into a very special place, with storage space that is not only personalized, but optimized to perfection

We Present you Deep shelving using all the space up to the

sloping ceiling.

- Mid-height hanging rail, ideal for coats and


- LED downlighter.

- Internal Drawer unit (behind bed).

- High Shelf using all the space to the ceiling.

- Short hanging rail, ideal for shirts and suits.

- Luxury glass fronted drawer with tie/belt


- Luxury glass fronted trousers rack with

accessory tray.

- Pull-out shoe rack